Anam Cara Theatre Company is seeking twelve actors for multiple roles in the world premiere of Trish Cole’s And Everything Nice: A Purity Anti-Manifesto for the Stage. This is an original full-length play about coming of age, purity culture, gender roles, Joan of Arc, Adam and Eve, and the Salem Witch Trials. Anam Cara’s production will be directed by Missy Bell.


When: March 28 and 30 from 7pm-9pm,
with possible callbacks on March 31 from 7-10pm

Where: Toy Boat Community Art Space
at 101 Fairview Rd., AVL

What: Initial auditions will consist of cold-read monologues from the script. Character descriptions are listed below.

How: Email to sign up for your audition time. Walk-ins will be accepted, but priority will be given to those with appointments.

SHOW DATES: June 3, 4, 10, 11, 16, 17 all at 8pm
at Toy Boat Community Art Space


GIRL: a high school cheerleader and afflicted Puritan girl; patient zero

MRS: GIRL’s mother, also known as Rebecca. She suffers from a deep sense of longing and has an unexplained obsession with a blue dress she wore to her Homecoming Dance

MR: GIRL’s father; obsessed with GIRL’s sexual purity; also plays FOOTBALL PLAYER

BETTY: captain of cheerleading squad/afflicted Puritan girl

ANN: cheerleader/afflicted girl

MERCY: cheerleader/afflicted girl; in love with JOAN OF ARC

ELIZABETH: pregnant cheerleader/afflicted girl;also plays THE VIRGIN MARY

JOAN OF ARC: high school student, tomboy, football player, budding Catholic Saint

PIERRE CAUCHON: high school principal and Bishop of Beauvais, leading the faction to discredit Joan of Arc; also plays JUDGE HATHORNE of the Salem Witch Trials

ADAM: God’s creation on the sixth day; also plays BRIAN PATTERSON, high school football player who asks GIRL to Homecoming; also plays the EXECUTIONER

EVE: God’s deliverance to ADAM made from his rib; also plays BRIDGET BISHOP

BUBBE: MRS’s great-grandmother; an assimilated Jew born in Prussia but raised in America’s Heartland before moving to New England; also plays MRS. BEDFORD, a school counselor and the Dutchess of Bedford, who tested Joan of Arc’s virginity at her trial

NOTE: This play has mature themes and language.