Auditions have been EXTENDED
Another round will be held on June 7 from 5-7pm at Colourfield (54 Ravenscroft, AVL)

American Cream
Compiled, distilled and rendered by Zach Trebino
Directed by Rachel Thomas-Levy

American Cream provides a view into the carnival of everyday life as sometime lovers Romeojuggalo and Self-Proclaimed Dip Queen search for recognition and purpose in a future United States where junk food and sex are interchangeable, the police are enemies, and families are corrupted by drugs, incest, and misunderstanding.

SHOW DATES–July 29, 30, August 5, 6, 11, 12
Rehearsals will start June 19

June 7 from 5pm-7pm at Colourfield.
If you are unable to make the date and time, individual appointments can also be made for days and times before June 7. Email

Email to sign up for your auditions. Walk-ins will be accepted also.

Must be 17+ to audition (under 18 must have parental consent). Open to all races, creeds, colors, and genders. Play contains extremely mature themes.

Script sample available online at Full script available upon request.
Sides will be provided at auditions. Please select a character(s) to read for.


ROMEOJUGGALO: A juggalo—19 to 30

SELF-PROCLAIMED DIP QUEEN: A girl—20s/early 30s

BUTTCRACK: A cousin of ROMEOJUGGALO, a cousin of BUTT—male-identifying, late twenties/early to mid thirties

BUTT: A cousin of BUTTCRACK, sibling to ROMEOJUGGALO—female-identifying, 18 to mid thirties

THE ANT: Mother of ROMEOJUGGALO and BUTT—late thirties to mid forties

AMAZING DAUGHTER: A daughter—12 to 16

NICE DAD: A father-figure—mid forties to early fifties


Please note that we are also looking for a Stage Manager for this production. Stipend available. Applicants should email

A little bit more about why we’ve chosen to do this play–

American Cream explores what may be called the underbelly of American popular culture. This exploration centers on the lives of economically poor, poorly educated Americans and what is known as “Juggalo” culture. Juggalos are, in their broadest definition, fans of the musical group Insane Clown Posse, but this subculture amounts to a way of life for many. For mainstream America, Juggalos are the epitome of the “Other;” they violate our shared cultural mores, they disgust us, they are easy to dismiss. However, American Cream permits us to see the world through the eyes of this Other, making clear two important facts. First, the values promoted by this culture do not differ greatly from those of mainstream culture. Juggalos want love, acceptance, material goods, family and all that we cherish collectively as a society. Secondly, the disconnection that arises is rooted in the socioeconomic circumstances of the Juggalos. Those who identify with this culture come largely from poor communities and families in which drug use, sexual abuse and other such experiences are commonplace. While Juggalos aspire to the same things as those in the mainstream, they cannot fit in, they have few means of improving their economic circumstances, and they are often grappling with multiple traumatic childhood events. They are traumatized people being raised in traumatized communities by other traumatized people. By giving voice to this largely voiceless population, American Cream enables us to see ourselves in the Other.