Accordion Time Machine is an experimental theatre ensemble drawing from the influence of the NeoFuturists of NYC and Chicago. The aesthetic offers a non-illusory theatre experience where there is no suspension of disbelief and the
audience/performer conventions of traditional theatre are held loosely. The pieces are raw and personal, at times very dramatic, at times hilarious and absurd. The group employs a collaborative process to arrive at their performance pieces, incorporating i
mprovisation, audience interaction and the element of surprise.

elsewhere_swingWe perform every other month at Toy Boat Community Art Space. Each performance is centered around a theme. The resulting avant garde,
non-illusory theatrical jaunt is an experience; a discovery for performers and audience members alike.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll learn something new about yourself and others. Accordion Time Machine brings a unique theatrical experience to the community.

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