Who doesn’t love angry kittens!? Come see what Accordion Time Machine has in store for you this time, with this feline-inspired theme.

About the group:

Accordion Time Machine is Anam Cara Theatre Company‘s experimental theatre ensemble. The group currently has an ensemble of nine people, with a rotating cast. ATM performs a new show, based on a new theme, roughly every other month. The pieces within the shows are raw and personal, at times very dramatic, at times hilarious and absurd. The group employs a collaborative process to arrive at their performance pieces, often incorporating audience interaction, improvisation, and the element of surprise. The audience/performer conventions of traditional theatre are held loosely, bringing a unique theatrical experience to the community.


Photo by Tempus Fugit Design

Cast this time (L-R): Kristen Aldrich, Peter Lundblad, Ryan Madden, Erinn Hartley (director), Tom Vinson

Design/tech by Abby Auman

Ensemble members not in “Kitten Riot”: Missy Bell, Molly Graves, Marlene Thompson, and Luke Campbell