Accordion Time Machine Auditions

Email to sign up.  Walk-ins accepted, but priority given to those with appointments.

AUDITION: Accordion Time Machine, Anam Cara’s experimental theatre ensemble, is seeking new cast members.  People with directing and devising experience are strongly desired, and all ensemble members are performers. There will be a solo element and a group/ensemble element to auditions.

SOLO ELEMENT: Perform a 2-4 minute solo piece about your life. There can be words; it can be silent; there can be lots of movement; it can be still. It can be about a specific aspect of you/your life or it can be a broad sweep of your whole life. It’s up to you. Just show a little about yourself. We are casting 1-4 adults.

GROUP/ENSEMBLE ELEMENT: You need not prepare specifically for the group work, but please wear clothes suitable for movement. We will ask you to participate in improv games, warm up exercises, and/or collaborative exercises.

THE GROUP: Accordion Time Machine creates short, personal, and honest pieces that are theatrical, entertaining, funny, absurd, and/or moving, but always coming from our own life experience. We don’t often play characters or pretend to be somewhere we aren’t. No suspension of disbelief. We perform once every two months with all original material.  (This will likley be changing every three months in the upcoming 2017-2018 season.) The show is ever changing, and is devised by the director and the ensemble. Rehearsals serve to create, workshop, and develop these original pieces of which the show is comprised.  Solo homework assignments are given each week as well as in-rehearsal creation.  All cast members are involved in performing and creating. Collaboration, openness and keeping a sense of play are all important qualities in the process.  Check out some Anam Cara Theatre Company videos and/or come to a show to get a sense of our aesthetic.

COMMITMENT: We expect cast members to be present for all rehearsals leading up to a show. That said, life happens and sometimes you might need to miss a rehearsal. We uphold a policy whereby no more than two rehearsals may be missed to still be able to perform in the upcoming show. We offer a rotating cast each show so that folks can take a break when needed. We will aim for a cast of 5-7 performers per show. Other cast members who are not performing for a given show may remain involved as a stage manager, set designer, props master or help with other technical or scenic elements of the production. We hold a weekly 3 hour rehearsal (currently Wednesdays 7:30-10:30pm), plus an additional tech rehearsal/run through the week of our show, and potential extra rehearsal(s) as the show approaches. We currently rehearse and perform at Toy Boat Community Art Space.