Cafe le Monde is a wild romp through the mind and heart of the creative spirit. Set entirely in a cafe, this immersive theatre experience will touch your heart and inspire your soul.

Directed by Missy Bell

This performance is for mature audiences.

Audience members are invited to join us for a small reception with the cast and crew after our opening night performance on 6/16.

From a preview audience member:

“YOU NEED TO GO SEE IT. This is absolutely magical. The script is delightful, a series of vignettes on life, love, and humanity that range from humorous to heartwrenching to highly erotic, all set in a cafe staged so that the audience is immersed in the action. If you like people-watching, this is the perfect show for you. Hell, if you like experiences, humanity, coffee, theatre, street performance, bubbles, life, music, language, dance, sex, hope, love, GO SEE THIS SHOW! It’s the kind of thing that puts a shine back on the edges of this ugly old world.”