2016-17 Season Ticket Books

If you love Anam Cara and want to get your tickets at a discount, we’ve got a ticket book that’s right for you! Tickets for mainstage and Accordion Time Machine (our experimental ensemble) seasons are included in the options below. Fringe and other performances are excluded, and reservations are required to hold seats for a show.

Purchase your tickets below — be sure to include an up-to-date shipping address so we can send you one of these ADORABLE ticket booklets. (Want to use your tickets before you receive the book? No problem — just email info@anamcaratheatre.org and let us know at least 48 hours before the show you’d like to see!).

Choose a ticket book:

Season Sampler

Two mainstage and two Accordion Time Machine Tickets — try some of each! At $56, this package is 15% off the full price of $66.

Accordion Time Machine

Six Accordion Time Machine tickets — catch them all! This package is $72, 20% off the full price of $90.

Mainstage Season

Five mainstage tickets — see them all or bring your friends to your favorite! This package is $72, 20% off the full price of $90.


Six Accordion Time Machine and five mainstage ticket for $125. That’s 30% off the full price of $180.

Double Season

The whole shebang — twelve Accordion Time Machine and ten mainstage tickets. At $215, that’s a whopping 40% off the full price for these tickets.